Wisconsin Prenuptial Agreement Sample


    The decision to enter into a prenuptial agreement is not an easy one. However, if you are getting married in Wisconsin, you may want to consider creating a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets and interests in case of a divorce.

    A prenuptial agreement, commonly referred to as a prenup, is a legal contract between two people who plan to get married. The agreement outlines the terms of the financial arrangement between them in the event of a divorce or separation. It is a useful tool for couples who want to protect their individual assets and maintain financial independence before and after marriage.

    Wisconsin is a state that recognizes and enforces prenuptial agreements. If you are looking for a prenuptial agreement sample in Wisconsin, there are several resources available online that can provide guidance.

    One essential aspect of creating a prenuptial agreement is to ensure that it is legally binding. To make your prenup legally enforceable in Wisconsin, both parties must disclose their assets and liabilities fully. Additionally, they must sign the prenup voluntarily and without coercion.

    A prenuptial agreement sample in Wisconsin typically includes the following provisions:

    1. Property division: The agreement outlines the division of all property, assets, and debts owned separately and jointly by both parties before and during the marriage.

    2. Spousal support: The agreement outlines whether one spouse will pay spousal support to the other in the event of a divorce. It also outlines the amount and duration of the support payments.

    3. Inheritance rights: The agreement can protect the inheritance rights of children or other family members of either spouse.

    4. Protection of businesses: The agreement can protect the interests of business owners by outlining what happens to the business in the event of a divorce or separation.

    5. Legal fees: The agreement can outline which spouse is responsible for paying legal fees associated with drafting, reviewing, and executing the prenuptial agreement.

    In conclusion, if you are considering a prenuptial agreement in Wisconsin, it is essential to work with a qualified attorney to ensure that your agreement meets the state`s legal requirements. By using a prenuptial agreement sample in Wisconsin as a starting point, you can create a legally binding document that protects your interests and assets.